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As educators, we are passionate about providing rigorous academics while presenting our curriculum in a developmentally appropriate manner to prepare your child for kindergarten and beyond. We are also eager to partner with our families to help create a foundation of faith for each student. We are excited about the upcoming school year, and hope you will be joining us!

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Meet our dedicated staff who make learning fun.

Meet the Staff

Biblical Foundations

It is our goal at Jersey Weekday Preschool & Kindergarten to provide an education rooted in our faith in Jesus. As we address the individual learning needs of our students, our staff is committed to preparing them for the great things God has planned for them!

Developmentally Appropriate Practice

As educators we design our curriculum to meet the needs of our students, while presenting our units in a developmentally appropriate manner. Learning in early childhood classrooms should be active, social, play-based and hands on. We strive to make learning fun and engaging!


In order to tailor our curriculum to the needs of our students, our staff collaborates to design lessons around high interest themes. Not only are the themes fun and engaging, but they also allow the teachers the flexibility they need to tailor their activities to the needs of their students.

Kindergarten Readiness

Regardless of the age of your preschool student, we as a staff work hard to prepare our students for kindergarten! While teaching engaging and challenging academic lessons, we also teach appropriate classroom behaviors, and support our students socially as they navigate relationships with peers.

Teaching is our passion

Hands on Learning

Students at Jersey Weekday Preschool & Kindergarten are provided with ample opportunity to explore, create and discover every day! We believe that our students are always learning and that this involves both process and product. The process they engage in while learning is even more important than the product they produce. All of the skills they develop while working on a project are embedded in the process.

The idea of process over product is not only a great reminder for us as educators, but also for parents! Remember that meaningful learning for preschoolers and kindergarteners is hands on! So provide your child with lots of opportunities to try things independently, and remember, the product or end result is not nearly as important as the process they took to get there!